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In terms of raw power, White men are the dominant men on this planet.Whatever White men feel is desirable, other men will follow their lead and buy into that belief.She asks the question, Are Asian Woman Trophy Wives, Or Just Smart At Picking Quality Husbands?I would answer Yes, non-Asian men have stereotypes about Asian women.I need not say much more about how that question is being framed.It’s sort of like asking, In both cases, phrasing the question and the so-called “preference” that way deliberately misses the point.Black men take their lead from the dominant White men.

It only matters to those Black women who are foolish enough to restrict themselves to dating Black men. In every multiracial society on this planet, Black men are collectively dominated by the men from other races in those societies.

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Faith, blog host of Acts Of Faith In Love And Life, is currently having an extremely important conversation.

African-American women focusing their attention on Black men and their “preferences” has not, and will not, accomplish anything of value for Black women and their children.

The long-term solution to the collective challenges facing African-American women is for individual Black women to marry quality men. And this is how Asian women have greatly improved their collective life opportunities over the past fifty years.

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