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("Nippon" literally translates to "Japan".) This porcelain was made specifically to be exported to the west with designs and patterns that suited American's tastes.

At that time, Japan had a thriving porcelain industry using methods used in Europe and the United States.

There's always something new to dazzle or intrigue, so take some time to learn about this company and its contributions to the decorative and utilitarian ceramic arts people still enjoy and treasure.

Since 1904, Noritake has been bringing beauty and quality to dining tables around the world.

Local antique shops generally have pieces in stock, but if you want to go beyond your neighborhood, try the following: Collectors often learn this the hard way: it can be more difficult to sell than to buy.

If a Noritake piece is unusual, rare, in excellent condition and a sought-after pattern, then a sale may be simple to arrange.

This may be the perfect choice for anyone seeking an affordable, elegant, and sometimes whimsical, collectible.

They knew that china and porcelain were used in every home for dining, washing up, or displaying the family's good taste with decorative pieces, but European factories had production locked up.The Nippon era began in 1891 when the Japanese porcelain was clearly marked "Nippon" due to the Mc Kinley Tariff Act.This act required that all porcelain be marked with the country of origin.In1921 the United States government changed its position and required that Japanese imports no longer be marked "Nippon", but with "Japan". Our main purpose One of the very best things about belonging to the INCC is meeting so many fellow collectors who share a common interest.We thank you again for your interest & look forward to your joining our friendly family of Nippon enthusiasts!

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This allowed the company to control the quality of their goods and designs and ensured that the patterns appealed to U. It took nearly 10 years for the company to develop their fine china, but the result continues to enchant collectors today, and the company still thrives. Customs definition, antiques must be at least 100 years old, so the earliest Noritake pieces are antiques.

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