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It might be useful to use a calculated column for the author’s full name, and for the sortable book title.This Visual How To shows how to create both of these calculated columns.

Add a book title that begins with "The ", and verify that the calculated field works as expected.

There are those who would argue that adding calculated fields in a table violates rules of normalization, and in some cases, they are right.

In some cases, it is worth breaking the rules: If you know that you will need the calculation in every object based on the table, if you know that the expression cannot change over time, or if having the calculation in the table would make your data clearer, then use the feature.

This expression compares the left two characters of the book title with "A ", strips the "A " from the beginning of the title if it is necessary.

The expression uses the original title if the first characters do not match "A ".

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