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They are highly trained and highly feared and have operated for decades.They have outlived the Soviet Union and currently fight with the modern Russian military.In 1991, following the collapse of the Soviet Union, the Russian Federation instated a 'Democratic government'.

Despite this, there have been several minor tensions between Russia and NATO, such as the controversy of the 2008 South Ossetia War and political and territorial disputes with the Baltic States, the most recent of which is the annexation of the Crimean Peninsula into the Russian Federation.Russia itself is the location of maps set during the Russian Civil War and Albion taking place in Russian owned Estonia.During the Second World War Russia was known as the Soviet Union and not the Russian Federation. In Battlefield 2, alot of Russian equipment is used by the MEC.After several engagements, the attempt doesn't come to pass after the destruction of the weapon and the death the Arkady Kirilenko, the leader of the project.After this, Russia invades through Alaska, to which, based upon the final cutscene of the game, is successful and occupies Canada all the way down to its border with the United States.

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It is implied that the Russians were in a conflict with the European Union preceding the European entry into The War.

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